Michael Grant’s new book, cover talk, and Kevin Brooks! #EMBloggerDay was everything we could have wanted and more.

We felt SO BLESSED to be invited to Electric Monkey’s Blogger Day and we couldn’t wait to tell you everything we learned. Because man alive do we have some SERIOUS bookish gossip to spill.

Alice in Wonderland

Impatient hare. Tsk tsk. Worry not, we’re about to get you all caught up.

We headed down to Drink, Shop & Do where the day’s events were taking place downstairs. FYI, this place is bodacious.


Always a fan of a place that has something like this on the wall:


First up we were treated a talk from the publisher herself; the lovely Stella told us all about the new books coming soon from Electric Monkey. And GOSH are we excited:

It’s all a little hush, hush for now. But we were promised that Lisa Heathfield’s new book will make us feel things all over again… We reckon will be over ‘Paper Butterflies’ just long enough to deal. Also… If anyone is a fan of Michael Grant’s ‘Gone’ series? Hold on to your hats:

2017 will see a new series set right after the ‘Gone’ series. And it’s called ‘Monster’. 


It was also lovely to hear all about ‘The Huntress: Sea’, debut from the wonderful Sarah Driver. An MG fantastically piratical fun time. Seriously. This book sounds like a total hoot! And it was really interesting to hear the author in conversation with her editor.

It was cool to hear more about the process of creating the cover too.


Every single detail is considered. From the font to the placement of the teeny tiny silhouette of character on the front. To end up with a shiny, hand grabby cover that looks like this:


And the fun didn’t stop there! The formidable Michael Grant was up next:

He spoke about ‘Front Lines’, which Electric Monkey left for us on our chairs (SQUEE!)


And yes, there is SO MUCH EXCITEMENT for book 2. The cover for ‘Silver Stars’ is fabulous, by the by. Add to your TBR immediately.

Then they fed us. Soz, no pictures. Too busy stuffing it in mouth. Nom nom nom.


Poor Eugene Lambert. He had a tough crowd will full stomachs  probably in need of a lay down after such a scrummy lunch. (That quiche!)

But there was definitely some osmosis going on there though…


Because it was an incredibly inspiring talk. And not only are we jazzed to grab our pens and get writing, we now have a massive urge to fill our shelves with SF classics. Also, another sequel we’re eagerly waiting on:

And then for the grand finale, we were treated to Carnegie Medal winner, Kevin Brooks who talked about, and read from, his new book for Electric Monkey ‘Born Scared’.


Trivia: The dog on the cover is legit HIS dog. Truth.

The day wrapped up with cake and goody bags:

We left feeling totally stoked for the upcoming titles as well as incredibly lucky to have met some of our author heroes. It was a unique kind of event and so much kudos to the EM team for putting it together.

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