7 times the internet proved to be an ugly place… and how to beat it!

Amy Alward’s brilliant follow up to ‘The Potion Diaries’ is here, y’all! ‘Royal Tour’ is a whirlwind of adventure and romance and fantasy. It’s a magic read!


But it also shines a light on the intrusive, and sometimes ugly, nature of the internets. Here’s how you can start on your quest to beat it.

1. That time when there were trolls.


There’s ALWAYS trolls. Twitter is rife with them. The best way to beat them? The block button. Or better yet, the block/report combo. DO NOT ENGAGE! DO NOT ENGAGE! You’ll never win.

2. That time that one person DID engage the trolls… But he beat them because he has a thick skin a quick-wit.

3. Sometimes the best way to make the internet feel like a better place is with a well chosen meme:


4. Because things like this happen:


And the only way to make this better is with a GifDanceParty to make your life feel full of joy and joyness once again. (Trust us. Do it.)

5. That time J K Rowling beat the internet (again). Because intelligence will always win. 

6. This. This is how you can beat the internet dead.

7. Laugh with it. The internet can be horrible. Ugly. Gross. But if you can laugh it off with friends, the power behind it is lost!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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