Bookstagrammer ziba.reads reveals her most loved book collection and it’s one every bookworm needs to read

Recently we got the chance to put a few questions to Ziba, who runs the beautiful bookstagram account ziba.reads. With over 50k followers and a whole host of the prettiest bookish snaps, we were thrilled to find out ALL about how she got started on Instagram, what gorgeous copy of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ she’s got her hands on, and just where she wishes her one-way ticket from Platform Nine and Three Quarters was taking her.

What first attracted you to bookstagram and made you begin posting bookish photos? Well I write as well (fiction and screenplays) so I just wanted to connect with other readers basically. At the time, I had no idea bookstagram was a thing. I took some photos of my books and discovered there were other people out there just as nerdy as I haha.

How long have you been a part of the bookish corner of Instagram? I think I started in December 2014. I think…

Could you describe your Instagram ‘aesthetic’ in only three words? What I’m going for and how it’s perceived are two different things, I think, but I try to convey a simplistic, peaceful and aesthetically pleasing look. Like you want to pick up the book in my photos even though you might not have wanted to read it up until that point. Visually manipulative, if you will haha. Jk.

We know how great bookstagram is, but what is one of your fave things about it? The diversity and the friends I’ve made.

And now, let’s spotlight some of your incredible pics! What is your favourite prop you’ve used in your photos? Probably my Hogwarts ticket.

9 DAYS TO GOOO!!!! ⚡️ The countdown continues – In celebration of the release of HP and the Cursed Child next weekend – and Harry and Jo's birthday – I'm doing a countdown together with Ben @benjaminoftomes where we share our favorite memories from all 7 books. So, today; Let's talk about Hogwarts: Obviously Harry had a very difficult childhood but he went to Hogwarts and learned how to be a child. How to play and do magic and have fun and go off on adventures. He got his childhood back. I think Hogwarts is a metaphor for "What does learning feel like when it feels magical " And as some of you may know, Rowling is – and was in the books – advocating for kids rights to have joy and to learn at the same time. Today's question: ❗️ – Why do you think the Harry Potter books are so popular? Why do YOU love them? #pottermorejourney #pottermore #hp #harrypotter #cursedchild @pottermore #journeytothe8thstory

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And because we really couldn’t avoid showing off Ziba’s gorgeous ‘Harry Potter’ collection, here’s some more –

Is there one book that’s so beautiful you just can’t help but take a million pictures of it? Ooh so many! My copy of ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Mauriere is definitely one of them.

Overall, ultimate fave picture you’ve ever taken? Ok, I like the simplest photos. Here is one of them:

And we think it’s just beautiful.  Thank you Ziba for chatting to us! You can follow her on Insta at ziba.reads or tweet any further questions you have for her @ZibaZee.

Wish your bookstagram was filled with gorgeous pics like Ziba’s? Us too – we’re filled with bookish envy. Come chat to us about your fave of her snaps or the other bookstagrammers you love @maximumpopbooks. And, if you’re feeling generous, you can give the MP! Books Instagram a lovely little follow too.

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