QUIZ: What does your favourite potion say about you? Be prepared for a scarily accurate result!

Sam and the gang are off on another potion-filled adventure around the world in Amy Alward’s seriously cool new release, ‘The Potion Diaries: Royal Tour’ and it’s inspired us. We at MP! reckon we can totes guess everything about you based on your fave potion and this quiz will put it to the test.

Sam might be a master potioneer and alchemist but what concoction could YOU brew up? By answering these silly potion-making questions we’ll be able to look into the deepest, sparkliest pits of your soul and bare all about the secrets we find down there. Dare to try it out?

Continue your potion adventures with Amy Alward’s ‘The Potion Diaries’. Buy a copy of ‘Royal Tour’ here or enter our fab comp to win a copy of the first book, signed by Amy and Zoella!

Were we right with what your fave potion said about you? Let us know if we hit the spot or were waayyy off mark @maximumpopbooks

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