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We tried book folding: Because how hard can it actually be?

Book folding. The art of folding a book’s pages to make something that looks totally awesome for all your bookish friends to see.

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But folding a few pages can’t be that hard, can it? CAN IT?! We had a go, and the results were… interesting.

Firsts things first, we needed a book to potentially ruin beyond all hope. So naturally, we asked a friend for a book they were done with (because like HECK were we using one of our own. Pssh!)


Dear Mr Grisham. We’re sorry. It’s nothing personal.


Template printed (free, from the internets because like heck was there going to be any money involved here. #cheapandcheerful) and tools assembled! Huzzah!


The tutorial told us to do it. Measuring 3cm, drag scissors across pages. Cry.




COMMENCE FOLDING! Ok, so if we’re following instructions correctly you shove the template under the page you want to fold and fold back the page from the top of the line to the line you scored.

(Say what? Was that even English? We’ll post the tutorial we used at the bottom).


A RULER! A ruler goes  along way in getting the folded line PERF! #brainwave


By jove, we’ve got a piece of art on our hands. But don’t get too excited just yet. Not only did this take a lot longer than originally planned…


…but apparently there’s some kind of maths involved in getting the start page correctly. And we were off. WAY off. Oops.


Another hour later though and look at the pretty! Sure, we were running out of pages… And even with a ruler we were struggling to hit the mark every time, but it looks… Ok.


Cool top view! (Ignore the ugly, ugly scar across the pages… *more crying*)


All in all it wasn’t too difficult once we got into a rhythm. However if it was anything more complicated than this pattern, or if we had to include some kind of cutting, we’d be doomed. 

That said, it’s kinda therapeutic. Like doing a puzzle. Totally mind-clearing. 


Gotta get that start-page right though, else you’re left with half a heart. And who can use half a heart?!

Have you tried you hands at book folding? Tweet us your pics @maximumpopbooks

And as promised, the tutorial:

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