15 gifs that perfectly express the experience of reading ‘Paper Butterflies’ #allthefeels

Lisa Heathfield’s ‘Paper Butterflies’ is putting people through the ringer. It’s a reading experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

giphy (2)

A combination of great characters, a piercing story and all of the feels. It’s really something. But sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words. So here’s our whole reading experience, avec gifs…

If this is you rn, we get it. With all the talk of how hard this book was going to hit us, we were once this person:

PB 0.5 worried

Right from the off we’re worried for June…

pb 1 worry

It’s clear that she’s got a heck of a journey ahead of her. And as readers we’re already locked in. For better and for worse.

pb 3 i have a feeling

Honestly though? We love her as a character.

pb i love her

Seeing the hard deal June has with her family, we’re ready to take it on though. Whatever the story may bring.

PB im ready 2

A bit of calm and serenity while her friendship with Blister grows and they have their safe haven to escape to…

pb safe place

But we know better than to be lulled into a false sense of security. #authorshenanigans

oh no pb

Things take a turn…

pb no

And our feelings take a serious hit.

pb crying

We need serious comfort food at this point. Ice cream, hugs, cashmere. And just when you think June’s going to get one up on her horrible step-mum and terrible situation…


Lisa Heathfield does that author thing…


And our hearts are broken further than they were before.

im fine pb

The aftermath of which is so severe we don’t even wanna talk about it.


Then someone has the cheek to ask if you’ve got a book hangover!

giphy (1)

But if we were asked if we would do it all again?


Because Lisa Heathfield’s writing is magic, and we literally cannot get enough of it. We want that stuff on tap!

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If you haven’t read it yet, you can grab your copy right here.


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