Is this superstar actor set to star in the next Harry Potter film?!


The Potterverse went into total meltdown last night after Queen JK posted a picture on Twitter that made us dream things we’d never thought to dream. It was a beautiful moment. All three superstars were at the BAFTAs last night huge wins for Emma and ‘La La Land’ and Eddie and JK for ‘Fantastic Beasts’.

Could Emma Stone be involved with Potter? We seriously hope so. And so do fans.

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We’re not sure that JK just gets to outright choose who goes into the upcoming ‘Harry Potter’ movies, but we reckon she does get to have an opinion. Come on. she’s Queen JK.

She dispatches trolls like a pro, rocks premieres, wrote the books that ruled our childhood and continues to make our lives better every dang day. We’d totally trust her to cast movies, tbh.

What a legend.

Who do you think Emma Stone could play in the Potterverse? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Sophie Waters

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