From the Fantastic Beasts Euro premiere, JK reveals where she’s at with movie #2

Last night we went to the European premiere of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and we nearly DIED OF EXCITEMENT.


We shared breathing space with JK Rowling, Eddie Redmayne and Ezra Miller. As we said, we died.

We got to chat to some wonderful people as they came down the blue carpet, took a whole load of photos and live-tweeted the whole experience (check out the tweets @maximumpopbooks with the hashtag #FantasticBeasts).

These are some of the cool things we learned at the premiere.

JK Rowling shared her favourite fantastic beast.


“For me it’s the demiguise. It’s this ridiculously cute but mysterious creature that can disappear at will. Its fur is used to craft invisibility cloaks.”

And shared her thoughts on the rest of the series:

“I’m so looking forward to them. I’ve already written the 2nd one and can’t wait to get stuck into the other. The same as with the Harry Potter books, I know where I’m going with the movies but I don’t know exactly how I’m getting there yet. It leaves us loads of room to discover more and play around with it.”

Director David Yates told us what it was like coming back to Harry Potter.


“Coming back to the world of Harry Potter is lovely, like coming home. It’s a delightful reminder of how passionate the fans are about these stories and the values they embody. The fans are so generous and smiley, just genuinely lovely people.”

Though we didn’t get to chat to Ezra Miller, he shared his love of the Wizarding World with everyone at the premiere.


“I have been an enormous fan from a young age. That’s one of the things I find so amazing about this whole fandom is that all the fans share loads of joint memoirs, which is both strange and amazing. I remember listening to all the books for the first time away when I was living away from home and feeling really home sick. I listened to them all and took such comfort in them. They mean a lot to me.”

Catch the cast and crew on Snapchat!

George Shelley (formerly of Union J) was totally adorable and we had to quiz him on everything Potter.


“The 1st book in the series I read was actually the Deathly Hallows. I know it’s really backwards! I watched all the movies until the Deathly Hallows and decided to read the book first. And then I read all the other books after finishing all the films. So I’d have to say Deathly Hallows [is my favourite] because it was my first.”

Fantastic Beasts costume designer Colleen Atwood gave her top tips for cosplay.


“The best way to make cosplay look good is to try to make it authentic. So if you can, go to a vintage shop. Try and find authentic pieces and then pair them with modern bits and bobs. For example, Newt’s costume, which happens to be my favourite, is pretty doable. Find some old army boots (his are modelled on WWII boots which you can find in vintage shops). Then some tweed trousers, a button down shirt and a waist coat. The coat would be the hardest item because it’s hard to find a coat of that shape. But if you find a vintage one, you can rework it with a sewing machine. I know some cosplayers out there are exceptional sewers. ”

Nearly everyone we spoke to chose a certain Thunderbird as their favourite fantastic beast:


Alison Sudol (Queenie)

“I love Frank the Thunderbird. He’s so brilliant and has a great story. He was trafficked and then ends up saving the day.”

David Yates 

“That’s easy. It’s definitely Frank the Thunderbird because he’s so regal and beautiful.”

Do you have a favourite fantastic creature yet? Let us know in the comments below. 

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