YASS, JK Rowling shuts down Twitter trolls who don’t know their HP

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s SLAYYYY

There’s nothing we love more than logging onto Twitter after a hard day of working to see our number one bae getting down and dirty with the Twitter trolls. If there’s one thing J.K. Rowling knows how to do well, it’s shut ’em down with the uttermost class and all we can say to this latest slam is YASSS QUEEN, SLAYY!

In the midst of 2017’s very own version of the Hunger Games, Jo shared this old tweet from VP Mike Pence:

Ummm, given the recent #MuslimBan we’re pretty shocked at this CLEAR hypocrisy too. J.K. kept her cool and responded with only a short, sweet biblical quote:

SLAYYYYYY. This woman knows what class is.

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Of course, in true Twitter fashion, the trolls couldn’t let this one go. Out in full force, they tried to take our fave lady down with some lame ‘Harry Potter‘ disses but Jo was having none of it.

We’re so tired of people treating celebs like they can’t talk about politics. Ummm hello, the whole point of democracy is that everyone has a voice, whether you’re a billionaire bestselling author or are slaying the girlband scene like Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui. Every voice is equal.

And of course, these trolls clearly weren’t ready for the force of the Potterheads. Pfftt, we learnt how to defeat trolls before we even knew how to tie our shoelaces.

Potterheads, we couldn’t be prouder.

How slay-worthy do you think JK’s tweets have been? Reckon she could step it up a notch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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