Louis Tomlinson just admitted One Direction’s SCANDALOUS past and we’re in bits

He’s stolen more than just our hearts…

Louis Tomlinson is wonderful, isn’t he? He’s kind, inspiring and absolutely beautiful. In fact, we’d go so far as to stay that he’s JUST the sort of person we’d like to take home to our nans for a pot of tea and a couple of chocolate Hobnobs. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

But there’s just one tiiiiny little detail about Louis you’ll probably want to keep secret when visiting nan – his hidden ‘criminal’ past.


It all started in an interview on the Jimmy Fallon Show, when Louis and new partner-in-crime Steve Aoki (can we call them Lou-oki? Leve doesn’t do it for us) were quizzed about the craziest things they’ve ever done on tour.

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Louis admitted that he and Liam would often sneak off the tour bus in the early hours and “find a golf caddy with some keys in”. The naughty duo would then “take chase from security and feel like gangstas driving golf caddies.”


And the plot thickens. Continuing his explanation of the band’s exploits, Louis admitted:

Eventually they cottoned on to it and they started making little notes to each arena on the tour saying ‘watch out these boys are going to steal your golf caddy’…so we then bought our own little go karts and and a moped and yeah we were razzing round.

We can’t help but tear up at the thought of the guys whizzing around in go karts. Watch out, Lewis Hamilton, they’re coming for you.

What do you think of Louis’ confession? Are you laughing as much as we are? Do you fancy a go-karting date with the four of them? Leave a comment below and let us know – dreams can come true, after all.

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