The DA will never die! Feminist Potterheads took the Women’s Marches by storm

Dumbledore’s Army was in full force this weekend

There’s no denying that the world is a very weird place to live in right now. We’ve got one giant, soulless satsuma as President, and everything’s just plain riddikulus.

If you ask us, it’s all starting to feel like a scene out of Harry Potter. It’s like we’re waiting for Voldemort to strike at any moment, but we’re not quite sure when it’ll happen (although, to be fair, we reckon that Trump’s more like Umbridge than Voldemort – she’s definitely the most evil of the pair).

But things aren’t quite as miserable as they seem, because Dumbledore’s Army has manifested IRL to save us all from Trump’s dangerous misogynistic rule. THANK HEAVENS.

Last weekend saw Women’s Marches take over some of the world’s biggest towns and cities, and boy were they amazing.

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Not only were ACTUAL GINNY AND HERMIONE (aka Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson) marching, but the entirety of Dumbledore’s Army seemed to be out fighting for women’s rights – just like our fave headmaster would’ve wanted.

Seriously though, can we just appreciate how magic this is:

For those who aren’t familiar with Harry Potter, it might seem like an odd reference to make at a march for feminism. But the Harry Potter books are filled to the brim with fantastic feminist quotes like this:

“We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.” 

Thanks to JK (and Hermione), it’s no wonder so many Potterheads are feminists, and that really shone through at the marches.

Need more convincing? Here are some of our fave HP inspired signs:



Dumbledore’s Army in full force

We need more Hermiones!


The Chamber of Trump has been OPENED

Nope, no it wouldn’t

Can we? OFC WE CAN!

Dumbledore for President?

How awesome are they? If you’ve got a sign from the Women’s Marches you want to show us, make sure to send a picture our way. Just tweet us @maximumpop with your snap – we’d love to see!

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