Author Appreciation: 6 reasons why ‘See How They Run’ author, Ally Carter, is a total boss

Ally Carter’s second instalment in the Embassy Row series, ‘See How They Run’, has just dropped. And it’s just as awesome as we had hoped. But just in case you’re not on the Carter band wagon yet, here’s some reasons why you need to be.

1. She’s the author of not just ONE badass, femme fatale, thrillery type series, but THREE. That’s right, count ’em. The plot thickens, the mystery and intrigues sends your mind into a spin and the characters will draw you in. Between Gallagher Girls, Heist Society and Embassy Row that totals at thirteen books to fangasm over. THIRTEEN!

2. The woman is a queen on social media. And an absolute luvvie to all her fans.

3. And even though she’s this mega successful, bestselling superstar of a writer, she still suffers the same life struggles. The struggle is real people!

4. …having the same thoughts most of us have had with the place to ourselves…

5. She takes a question, and answers it with a question, showing just how inspirational and motivational she is.

6. Did I mention ALL THE BOOKS? Ally Carter is a force to be reckoned with, delivering fantastic reads, time after time, offering worlds to escape into and characters to lead us there. And for that we raise a glass.

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