5 reasons why you need to go on a fictional ski trip with ‘Never Evers’

nevereversWe can’t stop loving Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen’s new book, ‘Never Evers’. We need, just NEED, everyone we know to join us in having read it. So, here are five reasons you should drop everything instantly, rush out to your nearest store, and demand this book!




1. It will make you laugh. And laugh. And then laugh some more. The way the characters speak to each other, the jokes they come up with, the silly games they play? It will have you rolling around on the floor in tears.


2. It shows you that it’s probably not the end of the world. As the book opens our main character Mouse doesn’t want to leave her bathroom. She’s been kicked out of ballet school because she wasn’t good enough and her only dream, for as long as she can remember, was to be a dancer. But this book STARTS with that. Throughout the story Mouse realises life goes on, with a little help from her friends. We all need reminding sometimes that, what seems like the end of the world, isn’t the end of the world.


3. You can travel vicariously. We all want to see the world, but sometimes we have to make do with what we can access from our armchairs. Luckily ‘Never Evers’ is all set to take you to the ski slopes of France. With snow covered igloos, raucous coach times, and shops that possibly sell fireworks; there’s definitely an adventure between these pages.


4. For the sake of Roland the impossibly gorgeous French pop star. He just can’t help it, he keeps turning up everywhere – with very interesting results! He needs to turn up in your reading as well.


5. And finally… because it reminds you that the friends you make in school are the best people in the world and you know they always will be.


What do you think of our five reasons? Are you sold? Let us know at @maximumpopbooks.

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