13 Melanie Martinez makeup tutorials that won’t result in a pity party


Okay, we’re gonna say it. We just can’t get enough of Melanie Martinez. Seriously, she’s like milk and cookies – delicious, moreish and she NEVER gets boring. Mmmmmft.

Oh, and she applies lipstick like we do when we’re on the bus. Winner.

Her last album, ‘Cry Baby’, helped millions of young people navigate adulthood. That alone is enough to make us bow down to her like she’s the mother-flipping Queen of England herself (truth be told we probably prefer her to Liz, but nobody tell our mums we said that).

And as for her music videos, well OBVIOUSLY we’re obsessing over all the outfits and makeup she wears.

So much *HEART EYES* is happening right now – and t’s not even the bog standard *heart eyes*, we’re talking the full on kittykat *heart eyes*.

🍦Happy Valentine’s Day🍦

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Funnily enough, we’re not the only borderline creepy Melanie fanatics.Heaps of our favourite YouTubers are also obsessed, and have posted videos showing you how you can recreate Melanie’s incredible looks. OMG, they’re SO good guys.

Honestly, get your best cagoule on because you are about to be blown away like Storm Doris is in the building.

These beauty gurus have serious skills…

Some vloggers have given Melanie’s look a more wearable twist. Take, Sophie Foster‘s video, for instance. She shows you how you can create subtle Melanie-inspired makeup with pink eyeshadow and a rose nude lip. It’s stunning and super easy to do.

Other YouTubers, however, have literally, transformed into Melanie. From the wig to the outfit to the makeup, they look exactly like the ‘Dollhouse’ singer – it’s crazy!

We have to do a triple take while watching Jbunzie‘s video. SO, SO cool.

Here are 13 other Melanie makeup tutorials we’re in LOVE with…

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1. Perfect for a concert


3. So pretty


5. Love this one

6. So colourful!

7. Totes have ‘Alphabet Boy’ in our heads now

8. Gorgeous

9. Who knew it was SO easy?

10. Fierce

11. This ‘Mrs Potato Head’ one is AMAZING

12. Incredible lips

13. Last but not least…

Told you that you’d be impressed! Do you love Melanie Martinez? Will you be recreating any of her looks? Tweet us photos at @Maximumpop. We are DYING to see!


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