7 men breaking gender norms and proving makeup is for everyone

These guys are absolutely slaying it right now!

It goes without saying that we freaking love make-up! Hands down, it’s one of the most fun and creative forms of self-expression. We could and do spend hours trawling through Instagram for the latest hacks and trends.

One of the best things happening in the beauty industry right now is the rise of male beauty bloggers, also known as ‘beauty boys’. These flawless men create some of the most incredible beauty looks/tutorials around, and are breaking down gender/beauty stereotypes and boundaries one fake eyelash at a time.

And the beauty industry is sitting up and taking notice. Maybeline just announced that make-up artist extraordinaire Manny Gutierrez aka Manny Mua will be the new face of their Colossal Big Shot Mascara, alongside Shayla Mitchell / MakeupShayla.

This is the first time a man has been chosen as a brand ambassador for Maybelline! With eye looks like this and 3m followers, are you really surprised?

Manny grew up in a Mormon family, and started out his beauty career at the makeup counter at a department store. But before that, he starting playing with his mother’s lipstick as a child. And Manny isn’t the first male beauty blogger making waves either! He follows in the fabulous footsteps of James Charles who was chosen as Covergirl’s first ever male Cover Girl in 2016.

James also made it onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list at the start of this year, which highlights the brightest young entrepreneurs and talents! The beauty boys are totally rocking it!

In their class too are some amazing talents like one of the original beauty boys Patrick Starr. Like Manny, Patrick started off on the make-up counters at places like MAC and Sephora. In his video below, he talks all about the power of make-up on our identities and self-esteem and he’s all kind of life goals.

There’s also the lesser known but incredibly fabulous Alan Macias / Alannized. He’s great for everyday make-up tutorials

We also love Alexander Rivera. Considered on the more masculine end of the spectrum, make-up started out as an outlet for creative expression for Alex after he moved to a small town. Now, he’s the official makeup artist for JLo and totally slays!

Another beauty boy who will inspire you is Looking for Lewys. At just 16 year old, Lewys is an up and coming Youtuber who just so happens to be British too! His most popular video below has over 370,000 views.

There’s also Marc Zapanta whose powers of transformation astound us! He also does some boss Disney make-up tutorials.

These incredible men prove that make-up is universal and for everyone, no matter their gender or identity. They give us permission to be as playful and creative with make-up as we want to be. We salute you beauty boys!

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