We were in Heaven at Melanie Martinez’s London gig last night

We’ve been obsessed with goth-pop star Melanie Martinez since she first got the judges in a spin on ‘The Voice’ US back in 2012. Now she’s a fully-fledged international superstar on the rise, with screaming fans wherever she goes. Last night she officially conquered London when she performed an incredible SOLD OUT gig at Heaven, where Fifth Harmony and Zara Larsson have also recently played.


We headed down to the show with our MP! photographer Tom Leishman to capture all the most magical moments and share them with all you Crybabies out there.

After chants of “MELANIE! MELANIE!” from the crowd, the New York star made a grand entrance, showing off her angel wings – oh so fitting for a gig at Heaven.


Melanie turned the stage into her own creepy playroom, as seen in her latest music video for ‘Cry Baby.’


She also used projections and lights to create a colourful vision of life in the world of her alter-ego, Little Body Big Heart.


The enthusiastic crowd were singing along to every word of every song, and the atmosphere was electric. Everyone in the room was united in their love for Melanie and her music.


The high energy show also had some more heartfelt moments, with Melanie singing about her experiences growing up in suburbia. She made us feel like we were her closest friends, and we could totally tell her anything.


She performed all our favourite tracks from the ‘Cry Baby’ album, but the highlight had to be her biggest single, ‘Pity Party.’ Melanie turned the gig into a giant party, and there was noting pitiful about it.


The merch stand was a buzz of activity at the end of the gig, with Crybabies queuing up to get their hands on these cute but actually quite naughty t-shirts.


Want to relive all the memories of last night, or feeling sad that you weren’t there? Melanie is back for another London gig next month, along with further dates all over Europe, and look out for our exclusive interview with her coming soon to our YouTube channel. Subscribe now so you’re first to see it.

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