And the winners are… WIN! 1 of 10 SIGNED COPIES of the most heart-wrenching book you’ll read this year

*clutches chest*

Self-harm. Mental wellness. Good grief. We need to be talking about this!

Thank goodness for authors like Eve Ainsworth who take on themes and issues that could be quite intense (and they are) but in her capable hands, become unforgettable and unputdownable stories.

‘Damage’ is absolutely breathtaking. You need it in your life. Wanna win a copy? Wanna see what the author has to say about it?

Sure you do. We know you, bookstafam. Here’s Eve:

“I wanted to explore difficult and often misunderstood subjects such as self harm, mental health and grief because I felt they needed more exposure. I hoped that by increasing awareness we can get gain more empathy and spark discussions about these issues. Even today sadly, I feel these areas are still not always fully understood.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

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If you want to win a signed copy of this incredible read then here’s what you’ve gotta do:

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