7 reasons why taking a mental health day makes you stronger

Brain fuel, not brain fool

Exam stress. The pressure to do well both academically and recreationally. Trying to get that perfect on fleek instagram pic. Wondering why he hasn’t text you back. Drowning in revision.

There are more and more reasons to legit need a mental health day. We’ve been inspired by Zoella book club author Sue Wallman and her newest release ‘See How They Lie’ to say YES to self care, and here are all the reasons why it will only make you stronger:

In ‘See How they Lie’, the main character Mae grows up at a teen wellness clinic run by her father. And sure, you quickly come to realise that all is not as it seems. At all. Part mystery, part thriller, part “OMFG I CAN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN”.

Is Zoella being added to the school curriculum?

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But we like the idea of “wellness”. It’s important. And often hard to achieve with everyday stresses and pressure piling up and up. How do you even BEGIN to dig your way out and into a feeling of “wellness”?

It all starts with permission.

Recognise that you need a day for yourself to just declutter that grey matter and look after yourself. There’s nothing weak in that. The hardest part is prolly saying “I need this, and I’m taking it.”

1. Having a sundae Sunday can actually reduce stress! For real! Once you’ve let go of the guilt and picked up that spoon, the benefits will soon be felt. A little bit of sugar can reduce our stress response. Fact. Less stress, stronger mind.

2. Taking a much needed break will seriously make you more productive when you come back to your revision, or your work, or your life. It’s like hitting a reset button. And sometimes that also means switching off social media too.

Yeah, TELL PEOPLE you’re dropping off the grid. That way your friends can respect your space, as well as not panic when you haven’t tweeted for like a whole 24 hours.

3. Sleep. Nap. Snooze.

We know, you know, we ALL KNOW sleep is important. But you’re still probably not getting enough of it. It’s no surprise that sleep allows your brain to sort itself out. The biggest reset button ever is hitting your head onto that pillow.

It not only makes your mind stronger, it also makes your body happy too. Yay for naps!

4. This.

…It also applies to your inner self. If you treat yourself better than your tricksy little mind is treating you, things can only get better.

5. Get it off your chest. It’ll immediately feel lighter and yep, you guessed it, will make you stronger!

6. It doesn’t even have to be something big.

Just decide to do something a little different for the day. Switch it up. It’ll rejig your thoughts.

7. Ask for inspo. There’s plenty of stuff out there on the interwebs about how to make the most out of your mental health day.

Credit: eatyourkidsillustration

Exactly as she says… Some days ARE harder than others. And if cartoons and pizza make that better? Then blummin’ well get on that!

What is your favourite thing to do on on a mental health day? Share it with us in the comments because you never know who else you might be helping!

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