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WATCH: Evanna Lynch just taught us how to make vegan Harry Potter recipes!


Evanna Lynch AKA our beloved Luna Lovegood has just teamed up with peta2 and proved that she’s actually a witch in real life too.

All of those magical foods that the Wizarding World is heaving with are probably not that great for vegans. Hello, chocolate frogs? Pumpkin pasties? Butterbeer?

Luna‘s got you vegans covered.

Snacks + animal kindness = bliss

“Whether it’s owls, rats, or hippogriffs, be a hero for animals by going vegan today.”

Here’s how you can make your very own Harry Potter nail varnish (it’s so much better than the Muggle kind)

DIY chocolate frog lip balm is a thing and it’s SO easy to make

Evanna teaches you how to make easy peasy, dairy-free chocolate frogs – sadly without the cards. We just really want Grindlewald, okay?

The quickest pumpkin pastries EVER. We’ll take 6, please and thank you. (But seriously, how did we not know they were so easy to make?)

And the most delicious of all: butterybeer. It looks divine, but we probably shouldn’t make it – we’ll 100% get addicted.

Bonding often happens over food, right? You go to a restaurant or gorge on cinema popcorn on a date, scoff pizza with your besties and if you go out with your mum for a coffee, you know cake will be involved.

It totally makes sense that your ideal, magical vegan meal will tell you exactly which witch or wizard you’re destined to be with.

QUIZ: Design your perf vegan Harry Potter meal and we’ll ship you with a character!

Who’s your Harry Potter sweetheart? Let us know in the comments below.

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