This woman found a disused suitcase on train tracks…what she found inside will BLOW YOUR MIND


Can we be real honest for a moment? This world can be effing cruel. There is some real evil hanging around like a bad smell, but thankfully (for real THANK GOSH) there are also some people who deserve medals. Bona fide heroes.

Because without the kindness and quick thinking of certain individuals, innocent little balls of fluff would perish. Like these 9 fur balls found in a freakin’ suitcase…

Seriously. We ain’t joking. A woman was taking her dog for a walk, pretty standard. Until she spotted a suitcase on some abandoned railway tracks and her doggo went into overdrive with the sniffing. Something was alive in there…

She could hear the littles mews of those catlings inside…

And lo and behold. She found momma kitty and EIGHT kittens. All malnourished and in need of urgent care.

But it’s ok. They got the help they needed from the RSPCA thanks to the dog walker’s quick response. Brave momma cat, renamed Tarini, needed a trip to the vets for a drip to rehydrate and some serious TLC:

The kittens have all been named adorably after characters from the Aristocats and it’s so perfect, we can’t even. Disney is life.

They’ll be up for adoption for their forever homes as soon as they’ve been given a clean bill of health.

To support the work of the RSPCA and help the charity continue to investigate cruelty to animals please text LOVE to 87023 to give £3 (Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message).

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Written by Sarah Clare

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