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Can you remember which film these minor Disney characters are from?

Look for the bare necessities!

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of minor characters popping up in Disney films. They offer quirky one-liners and often are there just to aid, or get in the way of, the hero.

But any REAL Disney fan would be able to identify which films these cameo characters came from, right? Surely you can crack this one faster than Bucky can crack a nut.

Who’s Bucky?! Oh, come on. You remember! The cute little squirrel dude from ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. Still not ringing any bells? Oh dear. It doesn’t bode well for you then, does it…

Still, there are some minor roles your are BOUND to remember. Like this handsome hoss:

What. A. Stud. Literally. This is Maximus from… ‘Tangled’! Of course it’s easy with the pictures, right? Disney characters are kinda iconic to look at. But what if it’s JUST the name?

Do you know who Bulda is?

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If you can tough out this CUTE AF quiz we’ll tell you which Disney villain you are!

Bulda is that fierce as heck female troll from ‘Frozen’. But you knew that.

So here it is. Time for the REAL test. Are you ready to smash it? Don’t forget to share your score with us when you’re done so we can gloat applaud you.

How did you get on? Were there any characters that surprised you? Tell us! TELL US EVERYTHING!

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