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Rupert Grint revealed he nearly QUIT acting when Harry Potter finished for this very sad reason

Life without Rupert’s ginger locks would be a life not living

We love Rupert Grint. How can you not love him after his dramatic reading of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’? TWINNING. 

So naturally, then, it broke our heart when he recently revealed that he nearly quit acting after Harry Potter. We know, we know, we were ‘OMG… WHAT?!’ -ing, too. But thinking about it, it actually kind of makes sense.

Seriously, hear us out here.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rupert said that acting wasn’t something he ‘actively dreamed of’, which is understandable. After all, he was 10 when he first auditioned for Harry Potter.

Not sure about you lot, but the only things we wanted to do at that age was eat cereal for dinner and cake for breakfast – never mind planning our careers.

Anyway, in the same interview with EW, Rupert said:

We had such an intimate and intense few years in this bubble. When I started, [acting] was never something that I aspired to do. I did acting with school plays and stuff like that. But it was never something that I actively dreamed of.

Rupes also told the magazine how at times he felt like he ‘missed out on a lot’:

I mean, I fell in love with it while I was doing it. But I definitely did think, ‘Is this really what I want to do?’ I wanted to live a little bit. I felt like I’d missed out on a lot. Being in that adult environment from such an early age, it was nice to just be away from it and not have any kind of commitments at all, and just be a bit free.

Aw, we can’t really blame him. That’s one heck of a lot of pressure growing up. Thankfully though, Rupert didn’t quit acting – which is good FLIPPING INCREDIBLE news, otherwise we wouldn’t see him play Charlie Cavendish in upcoming TV series ‘Snatch’.

In case you didn’t know, the ten-part show follows a group of 20-somethings and is based on a real-life heist that happened in London. Alongside Rupert, Luke Pasqualino (Freddie from ‘Skins’) also stars in it. There’s also a few appearances from Ed Westwick a.k.a Gossip Girls’ Chuck Bass. 

All our ’00s crushes in one place?! Yaaaaaaaaaasssss. What more could you want really?!

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Obviously the news of Rupert nearly quitting acting got us thinking, though. What job would the ex-wizard have other than playing our favourite Weasley?

Well, we’ve put together an officially-unofficial list of career paths for Rupert. Spoiler alert: they’re  a lot more exciting that the ones that would have been recommended at a secondary school job fair.

1. Zoo keeper

It’s no secret that Rupert’s an animal lover. According to his HP! co-stars he’s bought everything from peacocks to micro pigs to a cow(!!!!)

2. Llama vet

He’s also purchased multiple llamas – so we could totally see him working as a llama vet. LOL.

3. Ice-cream man

Rupert’s first ever car was an ice cream van. So naturally, he’d be the one you’d be buying Cornettos from. We’ll take two please, Rupert. Oh and a Mr Whippy with a flake.

4. Ed Sheeran lookalike

After *that* Ed cover, it’s a given!

5. Working at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando


6. Hairdresser

When Rupert was asked whether he was a “mischievous” kid, he replied saying:

“Probably the worst thing I did was steal a hairbrush and a Billy Goats Gruff book from a local shop. I think I went in with the intention of nicking something and I must have panicked and grabbed the first two things I saw. Clearly a life of crime wasn’t for me.”

A HAIRBRUSH?! Perhaps he could give our locks a magical muggle makeover.

7. Fisherman

Rupert’s first “acting” gig was playing a fish from Noah’s Ark in his school play. Errrr… we’re not too sure how you can actually play a fish but whatever – he clearly ACED IT!

8. Banker

He knows so much about ££££.

9. Professional UFO hunter

He believes that “something’s out there” so why the heck not?!

10. Run a Tom Felton fan site

They were #bromance before bromance was even a thing.

11. The best BFF ever

It goes without saying, really.

12. Artist

Remember, when Rupert doodled the beloved Alan Rickman one day on set? Apparently the drawing was completely unflattering but Alan still kept it. How sweet.

13. Didgeridoo player

Apparently, Rupert can play the Didgeridoo – LEL! Another fun fact, he’s also tried to play the accordion, sax and guitar but none of them really stuck.

14. Rockstar

Wizard rock is a thing! Personally, we reckon Rupert should team up with Tom and form a band called ‘An Ode To Harry’.

15. Oompa Loompa

It’s been a life long dream of his, really.

16. Singer-songwriter

He’s such a romantic, after all.

17. Prime Minister

He’d probably do a better job than Theresa. Just saying.

What job could you see Rupert having? Let us know in the comments below.

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