People are dragging Ariana for the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ music video and we won’t stand for it

Trolls need to find something better to do with their time

Today Ariana Grande and John Legend dropped the video for their cover of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which is the lead single from the soundtrack of the upcoming live action remake of the Disney classic with Emma Watson. Here are our first impressions:

It’s magical.

It’s soulful.

It’s LEGEND-ary

It gets a massive thumbs up from MP!, but it seems like not everybody agrees. In fact, some of the comments on the YouTube video are really insulting and negative.

Thanks for the completely redundant, random statement.

Would you like to offer up an alternative candidate or some evidence with that?

Important fact, eh? We think someone needs to get their priorities straight.

Go get a job.

WTF. Just WTF.

Yeah, thanks Marta. Why the hell are people so fixated on Ariana’s jaw? Get a life.

Then, after all that unsolicited hate, people go say this…


Yeah, we get it. People are entitled to their opinions and art is supposed to be divisive, but some people need to learn that if you have nothing nice to say then shut the hell up.

Little Grande! Is Ariana about to become the fifth member of Little Mix? 

13 Ariana Grande deep cuts that could have been MASSIVE hit singles

If you would like to spread some more hate I would like to direct you to Donald Trump’s Twitter. Now there’s someone who’s actually earned some criticism. But before you go hating away we’d like to teach you how to make an opinion without being a complete tosser. Trolls, take note.

The new version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ may not be to this person’s taste, but at least she recognises that a cover should never be a copy of the original – that would be reductive to the max. What Ariana and John have done is update the song for mainstream radio in their own unique way which shouldn’t be endlessly compared to the old version. 

This is another valid argument. You may agree or disagree with it, but at least it is made in a respectful way.

So trolls, before you go out into the world and comment on someone’s piece of work please note that there is a difference between criticism and negativity. Think twice before you post, if your comment is just plain insulting, do the world a favour and keep it to yourself.

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