6 heart-wrenching moments that prove once and for all that Disney films aren’t just for kids

These aren’t just throwaway scenes, these are true life lessons

There is a stigma around adults watching Disney films.

A lot of people just write them off entirely as kids fluff which is unable to carry an important message. These people are also called intellectual snobs.

This type of person sees animated films in general as a lesser form of film making, when actually it’s usually the opposite. Animated films take years to create which means that it’s impossible to rush these things. The calibre of Disney films is always extremely high because writers spend a long time developing and refining the script.

This means that Disney films are always capable of beautiful moments which not only make create a deep impact on us when we are watching, but also act as lessons to be learned and applied in real life.

Here’s some of the most important Disney moments which we will never, ever forget:

1. Ah ‘The Lion King’, where do we even begin?

Oops how did that GIF get in there?

Parodies aside, the ‘Lion King’ is full of invaluable advice mostly from Mufasa. Ah where do we start with Mufasa?

Not only did he explain the way the world works to us in a way which is universally understandable, but he also encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves and to not settle. If this isn’t a valuable life lesson, then we don’t know what is.

2. When Meg sings ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ in ‘Hercules’

What makes Meg such a relatable character is because she is a little jaded and initially unwilling to risk falling in love after being burned previously. Love is a messy business and it’s so difficult to build up trust, but it only takes a second to break. Meg has experienced that and has come out the other side which is why it is so rewarding when she does decide to give love another chance.

3. When Ariel sings ‘Part of Your World’ in ‘The Little Mermaid’

We all feel like we don’t belong sometimes, especially when we are growing up and finding our way in the world. It’s easy to feel like the grass is greener on the other side and unfortunately Ariel has to learn her lesson the hard way.

Pick a Disney inspired promo dress and we’ll ship you with a boybander to go with

Is there actually an anti-feminist trend in Disney?

4. When Mulan was the ultimate feminist

It’s no wonder this generation believes so strongly in gender equality when we had such strong female role models like Mulan when we were growing up. Not only does she challenge what is expected of women throughout the film, but she also demonstrates some serious skills as well.

5. When Pocahontas was a pioneer for environmentalism

Yeah the film is totally factually inaccurate. That’s not up for discussion. But the values demonstrated in of ‘Pocahontas’ ring true even today. When the settlers show disregard for our heroine’s homeland she teaches them that animals do have feelings and that we should take care of our planet.

6. Elsa and Anna’s bond in ‘Frozen’

The power of ‘Frozen’ was undeniable, but it was so much more than ‘Let It Go’. The film itself broke the mould because it celebrated platonic sisterly love rather than the traditional romantic attraction which is so prevalent in Disney films. The moment when Anna chooses to save Elsa’s life rather than her own is one the heart will never truly forget.

We’ve probably only touched the surface with all the emotional Disney moments which have changed our lives over the years. Share your favourite moment and the impact it has had on you in the comments below.

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