You totally missed the Harry Potter reference in the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer


We’re actually counting down the days until Emma Watson gets back on our screens as beloved Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. We’ve watched every clip, teaser and fragment that’s been released about 50 million times and ‘Be Our Guest’ has been in our head for actual forever.

Go on, sing along with us. Please?

Another clip has just been released featuring Emma singing ‘Belle’ (the song that opens the Disney film) and there’s a moment in there that sends us straight back to Hogwarts.

We bet you don’t notice it. (It took us at least 3 watches to catch on…)

Twitter blew up. The excitement!

‘Beauty and the Beast’ make up has finally arrived and it’s far from beastly

Is Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ faux-feminist?

Yup, that’s right – it’s a Neville reference! Do you remember in the first movie when Neville gets a remembrall and it lights up to tell him he’s forgotten something?

Cool, right? It makes out Potter-loving hearts so very happy.

Is it a proper reference or just excited Harry Potter fans?

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Written by Sophie Waters

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