13 Ariana Grande anthems that should’ve been amazing hit singles

Queen Ari is quickly proving herself to to be a jack of all trades. Let’s have a run down, shall we?

  • Grande released her album, ‘Dangerous Woman’, earlier this year which debuted at the top of the charts in the UK
  • She announced a 2017 world tour, which will feature support from our faves, Little Mix
  • She just won ‘Artist of The Year’ at the AMAs last week
  • She’s also starring in NBC’s production of ‘Hairspray’ as Penny Pingleton. Check out the trailer below!

1. You’ll Never Know (‘Yours Truly’)

This song is super catchy, fun and makes us want to wave buh-bye to all those guys that missed out on how great we are. No? Okay…

2. Break Your Heart Right Back (‘My Everything’)

Rumour has it, this song is about a previous boyfriend of Grande’s who turned out to actually be gay… drama!

3. Almost is Never Enough (‘Yours Truly’)

This song is just so beautiful. It also features MP! fave, Nathan Sykes. Don’t their voices just melt together so perfectly?

4. Touch It (‘Dangerous Woman’ [Deluxe Edition])

We don’t even know why this song was only on the deluxe version of the album, it’s just so good. We’re still trying to reach those high notes at the end.

5. Lovin’ It (‘Yours Truly’)

This cute jam about being in love makes us feel super summery.

6. Hands On Me (‘My Everything’)

The A$AP boys have a habit of featuring on great songs. This came out before A$AP Rocky featured on Selena Gomez‘ ‘Good For You’ which has a similar sexy vibe.

7. Greedy (‘Dangerous Woman’)

The opening section to this song makes us want to shout ‘yaaaaass gurl’ and then shake our lil’ booties. It also makes us want to strut everywhere and feel ultra fabulous.

8. Knew Better/Forever Boy (‘Dangerous Woman’)

This slow, sexy two part song is so feel-good. It’s so sassy too.

9. Knew Better Part II (Unreleased)

We thought Ariana couldn’t do something sassier than ‘Knew Better/Forever Boy’ but we were wrong. This is even sassier. Ain’t nobody like us, baby!

10. Piano (‘Yours Truly’)

This song just makes us want to dance around our bedrooms in our PJs. It’s just so fun and upbeat.

11. You Don’t Know Me (‘My Everything’)

You can tell that this subject matters a lot to Ari. This song was released on ‘My Everything’ which there were a lot of rumours surrounding her love life. Leave the girl alone, yeah?

12. Bad Decisions (‘Dangerous Woman’)

Baaaaaaaaaaaad, boy you make me make bad decisions. You can’t help but sing along – just don’t listen to us, okay?

13. All My Love (‘Peace Is The Mission’)

Not strictly an Ariana song, but we couldn’t resist putting it in. Play this loud if you’re missing Summer already!

What’s your favourite Ariana song? Are there any other songs that you think we’ve missed out? Let us know below!

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