Malorie Blackman reveals an exciting ‘Noughts and Crosses’ announcement in our exclusive Q&A!

*claps hands excitedly*

Like, we’re totally swooning right now because not only is ‘Noughts and Crosses’ one of our most beloved series’ EVER, but Malorie Blackman is such a YA legend we can’t quite form normal sentences in her presence. (Trust us, it happened at YALC. Embarrassing fangirl moment).

THANKFULLY we managed to get our questions straight for this interview and you are going to FLIP OUT when you find out what she’s revealed. 

Can you describe ‘Noughts and Crosses’ in the length of a tweet?

Noughts and Crosses tells the story of Callum, a nought, Sephy, a Cross and their teen years of love, conflict, turmoil, joy and tragedy.

QUIZ: Which pair of star-crossed lovers are you based on your HEA opinions?

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It’s been over 15 years since ‘Noughts and Crosses’ was first released. What do you think it is that makes the series still so loved by readers?

I’d hope it’s because its themes are still relevant and that readers grow to like and feel for Callum and Sephy as they read about their lives throughout the Noughts and Crosses series. When I started writing Noughts and Crosses, within a chapter Callum and Sephy had become real characters to me who I cared about deeply. I hope that made it onto the page so others care about them too.

Would you ever go back to that world?

I intend to. Watch this space!

What was it about ‘Othello’ that made you want to give it your own spin in ‘Chasing the Stars’?

Othello was one of my A Level texts and it was the first piece of literature I ever read that featured a black character. I absolutely empathised with Othello’s feeling of being an outsider. Plus the character of Iago gave me a real insight into human behaviour, i.e that some people will call themselves your friend and want to hug you just so it’s easier to stab you in the back! I learned a lot about human nature from reading Shakespeare!

You can grab your very copy of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ with its stunning redesign right here. And ‘Chasing the Stars’ should 100% be on your shelf too!

Are you stoked about the potential for another book in that universe? Share you excited in the comments below.

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