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Quiz: Which pair of star-crossed lovers are you based on your Happily Ever After opinions?

And they lived… Happily Ever After?

All hail Queen Malorie. It’s should be an accepted fact of life that Malorie Blackman is YA royalty. And not only that, she knows how to give us a damn good set of star-crossed lovers. It makes for absolutely delish reading.

But maybe you’re more Olivia and Nathan from ‘Chasing the Stars’ or perhaps you’re heart is secretly a Sephy and Callum from ‘Noughts and Crosses’ fan. There’s only one way to find out really… FIIIIGHT!

Ok. We lied. There’s no fight here. We come in peace.

What we DO have is the perfect quiz to see you right, and all you gotta do is answer a few questions on your Happily Ever After opinions. Some of us adore a HEA, but we know that some of you would rather sit in a small car with an angry tiger than suffer through a HEA ending.

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QUIZ: Which evil royal are you?

Do you barf, or swoon? Do you love a classic Romeo and Juliet retell? Tell us and we’ll tell YOU which pair of star-crossed lovers you’re matched with:


What’s it to be? Is it tragedy and cynicism, or a swooning HEA? Tell us which couple you got in the comments below!

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