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Errr… Justin Bieber’s tour rider just got leaked and you’ll be SHOOK after seeing what’s on it

A massage table?!?!

We often spend our days imagining what we’d demand if we were rich and famous. An unlimited supply of Harry Styles concert tickets would come in pretty handy. So would our own personal makeup artist.

None of those requests are on Justin Bieber‘s list, though. The popstar’s tour rider has recently been leaked and you’ll be shook after seeing what’s on it.

The alleged rider is for the India leg of Justin’s ‘Purpose Word Tour’ and it’s essentially a list of things that he wants during his four-day stay.

Security? Check. Private jet? Check. Spare clothes? Check. At first glimpse it all seems pretty standard stuff for a popstar as big as Biebs.

We’ll even let him off for wanting stuff like a ping-pong table and playstation – he’s a big name, after all.

But the list starts to get crazy… FAST!

Not only does Justin require a jacuzzi to unwind in after shows but he also expects a massage table – equipped with an Indian Yoga Casket which contains essential oils, incense sticks and books about chakras.

Errr… okay?

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White curtains need to be draped in Bieber’s dressing room and there needs to be exactly 6 cans of cream soda in it. Watermelon-flavoured gum should also be on offer, as well as vanilla air fresheners.

Oh and let’s not forget about purple carnations, either.

If that wasn’t enough, then during his stay Justin will also require gourmet food – 5 dishes a day to be exact. The food will be prepared by ‘top culinary experts’ and be renamed after his popular songs.

Not sure about you but we reckon a ‘Beauty and a Burger’ would go down a treat. Or how about ‘One Less Lonely Fry’?

Obviously, Justin’s ridiculous tour rider got us thinking about what requests other popstars make. So much so that we’ve come up with an officially-unofficial list.

Harry Styles

Naturally, bananas HAVE to be on Harry’s tour rider. Ugh, he eats soooo many of them. He’d also request a parachute so be could go flying, obviously.

Something tells us, Weatherspoons carpets would also be an essential. After all, what else is he gonna make his bombass suits out of?

Scrabble would kill the time before he has to perform and also be handy for Instagram shots. So would a joke book. Haz, we love you but you NEED it.

He’d also request a tangle teezer for those fabulous locks and perhaps a copy of ‘Divide’ by Ed Sheeran. You’ve gotta support your BFFs, after all.

Little Mix

Our fave girls in Little Mix would probs have flamethrowers on their tour rider. After all, they’re so *fire*. Ha!

Jesy would also request a copy of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ so she can reminisce about the time she was in Harry Potter.

Jade would want some episodes of ‘Eastenders’ – preferably the super old ones with Barry in ’em. As for Perrie and Leigh-Anne, well they’d want lots of glitter ‘cus they’re magical.

Dominos, too! Because… who doesn’t love Dominos?!


Halsey is obvs the queen of Mom jeans so we reckon she’d ask for 29 pairs or something ridic. Heck, give her a crown whilst you’re at it, she’s SUCH a queen.

Her other dressing room essentials would be an iPod full of ’00s emo music. As well as plenty of eyeliner and a poster of Pete Wentz.

Some of us just don’t grow out of our emo phase, okay?

Shawn Mendes

Give Shawn ALL the party poppers! He’s performing at the BIGGEST summer party next month, so he def’ needs them.

We’re sure a tour around Buckingham Palace would also go down a treat.

If you were a popstar, what would be on your tour rider? Let us know in the comments below.

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