GUEST POST: Molly Dixon teaches us a few lessons in love from our fave YA novels

Oxford Brooks student Molly Dixon is an eco-warrior, tea drinker, and most importantly, total bibliophile. In honour of the most loved up day of the year, we asked her what lessons in love we could learn from our fave YA novels. Here’s what she told us:

Romance is in the air this valentines day but before we get carried away on a sea of roses and chocolate here are a few important lessons in love taken from the ancient love guru known as literature:

Honesty is key


This doesn’t just mean being honest with another person, it also means being honest with yourself and facing up to your own truths.

In ‘Dangerous Lies’ (the title says it all) by Becca Fitzpatrick we can see just how much secrets can get in the way of happiness and cause so much inner turmoil. Stella who is under witness protection learns the hard way that keeping secrets causes to much pain and that honesty is the key to happiness. You can’t hide the real you and you never should, the right person will accept the good, the bad and the ugly.

Don’t forget your friends


Come on, were would we be without friends? One book that shows just how important friends are is ‘Poison Study’ by Maria V Snyder. Although the blossoming romance throughout the story has you tearing through the pages, her developing friendships show just how important friends are, not only for fun and laughter but also for survival. Friends can offer you wisdom, advice and teach you skills you could never dream of. They have your back when you need them most and can be the best shoulders to cry on when times get tough. Love can come in many forms and the love in friendship is a force to be reckoned with.

Beauty isn’t everything – fall in love with their personality


In ‘The Great Gatsby’ Fitzgerald wrote that “love is about so much more than superficial things” and he’s right, you want someone you love on the inside as well as the out. In ‘Radiance’ by Grace Draven we see two people from different races fall in love not because of their looks considering their nicknames for each other are “dead ell” and “hag of a woman”, but they fall in love with each others personality.  I mean really at the end of the day when your 80 and struggling to walk the length of yourself you’ll want someone who can make you laugh.

Go with your gut


Sometimes you just know if the relationship is right or not. For example Karou in ‘Daughter Of Smoke and Bone’ by Laini Taylor knew that something or someone was missing in her life and when that certain someone came along it just felt right. Finding ‘the one’ may sound silly but its kind of a reality, you have to find someone who makes you happy and that you just feel right with and if all romance novels have taught us one thing its that you’ll know deep down when the right person is in front of you.

Happy Valentines day to all you book lovers!

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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