In the trailer of a French pop star or a half-melted igloo? Where Would Your First Kiss Be?

nevereversFirst kisses are a big thing, they can be exciting, scary, they can say a lot about you. In Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison’s ‘Never Evers’, Mouse, Connie and Kiera spend their coach trip to France wondering whether ‘French kissing’ is better than ‘English kissing’. On the boys’ coach Jack, Max and Toddy are determined to have had one kiss and got off zero by the end of the ski trip, they even bet naming rights to their band on it.

Inspired by the almost, longed for, and perhaps kisses of ‘Never Evers’ we decided to make you a kissing quiz! Specifically, we have figured out the five questions which will tell us all we need to know to about where your ideal first kiss would take place. Take our quiz below to find out!

Where would your ideal first kiss take place? Share it with us over at @maximumpopbooks.

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