And the winners are… EXCLUSIVE! We went to the Andersen blogger brunch and snatched the COVER for ‘Troublemakers’


We were like ninjas. Sneaking into the back of the room all stealthy like. Ok, no. There was nothing quite that dramatic, or graceful, about our arrival.

But we were there, on a freakishly warm Saturday morning in March, to hear about ALL THE BOOKS Andersen Press are publishing that YOU NEED. And we’re so happy to be able to OFFICIALLY reveal the cover for Catherine Barter’s YA debut ‘Troublemakers’. AND THEN YOU CAN WIN IT!

(ignore the bad grammar on this gif. thx.)

Firstly, there was Susin Nielsen who recorded a special message for us. We’ve all been enjoying the heck out of ‘Optimists Die First’ and hey look! It’s a cat! Who doesn’t love a cat?

The most important takeaway:

Precisely. You definitely won’t find yourself stuck inside a paranormal romance here. ‘Optimists Die First’ is sweet, its layered, and so addictive. Naturally we all had a pop at the quiz to find out if we were truly optimists or pessimists:

QUIZ: Which ridiculous death will be the end of you?

Find out why Twitter is going bonkers for ‘We Are All Made of Molecules’

‘The Serpent King’ author Jeff Zenter shares his new book ‘Goodbye Days’ and OMFG y’all are going to just wanna snatch this right off the shelf when it comes out in June. A little bit tragedy, very much regret, and how to deal with that. It sounds PERF!

And this is coming in May with a GORGEOUS cover and even more beautiful story:

EVERYONE was eager to get their hands on this suffragette inspired book blurbed by Louise O’Neill no less… Unfortunately we gotta wait until SEPTEMBER to be able to crack it open. Sometimes life isn’t fair…

But if historical isn’t really your thing then maybe you’ll get more of a kick out of this psychological mystery-esque tale of ‘Encounters’ by Jason Wallace.

Coming in May, the book was sparked by a news story from a few years ago about a group of school children in Zimbabwe who say they saw “something”. Possibly an alien “something”. OooOOOooOooOOooh! Colour us intrigued.

Andersen, you were amazing.

And now, without further ado, we’re so excited to be able to officially reveal this zesty cover for ‘Troublemakers’. It’s a fantastic story about family, the lies we make (and the ones that are kept from us) and finding your true voice amongst that. We got a sneaky peek at it on Saturday, but here it is right here, right now. We’re putting it out there for everyone to lust after:

Love it? Course you do. It’s not out until June but here’s how you can win a PROOF copy and read it before everyone else:

  • Follow us @maximumpopbooks
  • RT the tweet below
  • Don’t walk under any ladders. (Just sayin’. It’s bad luck)

This competition is closed. The winners are…












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