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11 times reality TV shows got too weird

Who doesn’t like a bit of reality TV now and again? (Or all the time, who are we to judge? You do you). There is something almost to tempting about sticking our noses into other peoples lives, or their jobs, or their whatever.


But sometimes reality TV takes it to a whole other level of WTF? Here we list some of the oddest shows and some of the cringiest moments from the world of reality television. 1. ‘Jungle Gold’


Why is this weird? Well, two guys from the US decide that the fastest way to make some cash would be to mine gold in Ghana. Of course. Why hadn’t we thought of that? Maybe because we’re not totally loco…

2. That time two people took their ducks for a bike ride.


‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’ sees some of THE MOST bizarre things ever done to a domestic animal. And all in the name of love? Or insanity?

3. ‘Doomsday Castle’? Yep. That’s a thing. And why is it totally bonkers? Because this father is not only building himself a fort (ready for the end of days)…


…but he’s also teaching his kids how to survive should the zombies come. Because let’s be right, it’s going to be zombies. This show is like extreme camping. With knives. Wut?

4. ‘Born in the Wild’. And we thought ‘One Born Every Minute’ was enough to make us turn to abstinence. This show is totes cray. Giving birth, in the wild, without modern medicine? Heck to the no.


5. Also, that time some guy dropped a log in another guy’s bed.


Yep. Shit happens. Literally, in this case. The show ‘Kill Reality’ saw a bunch of reality TV stars come together in a reality TV show about making a horror movie? Phew. Did you get all that? But things got downright weird (and gross) when one contestant left a present inside another’s bedsheets. Nice.

6. ‘Bikini Barbershop’.


It is what it is. A barbers. With girls. In bikinis. And this is television.

7. ‘Sperm Race’ proved that Germany was just as weird when it came to reality TV as the rest of us. This show featured a bunch of sperm from different dudes… and then it raced toward an egg. The winner got a Porsche. Well done.


8. The Truman Show was just a film. Total fiction. Wouldn’t happen, right? Wrong. ‘Susuni! Denpa Shōnen’ happened.


This Japanese guy was filmed inside this apartment, thinking he was doing a different job, with no clue he was being broadcast. He had enter magazine comps and win off the winnings.

9. ‘I Wanna Marry Harry’, or ‘That Time When Everyone Pretended the Lookalike Wasn’t Crap’


This is a show where contestants were duped into believing they were going to end up marrying a prince. But alas. it was not to be. What was the actual prize? Who knows?! Fame, a lifetime of embarrassment, pizza?

10. Once upon a time, in scripted reality TV land, a catfight went wrong. Very wrong.


Sandra Vidal was literally stabbed in the chest during a planned fight between her and another member of the cast. Whoops.

11. Death.


A guy died while filming the French version of ‘Survivor’. He just straight up went into cardiac arrest and passed away. If this isn’t a sign of reality TV going too far, then what is?

And maybe this is the case for ‘Cell 7’ too? The book that takes reality viewing to a whole different level. Will reality TV eventually be replaced by apps like Vine and Snapchat? Do you think it’s gone too far? Tell us in the comments.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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