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Can you guess the celeb twins from just TWO clues?

WARNING: Double trouble, alert!

There’s no use denying it, being a twin is all kinds of awesome. Just imagine it. You could play so many tricks on your closest friends, if you were identical!

Plus how cool would it be to go all Freaky Friday on people and swap lives for the day?! We’re SO game.

It’s also super neat that twins have someone in their life that they’d go above and beyond for. Just ask, Cassie and Becca Greenfield – the two main characters in James Patterson’s latest book ‘Crazy House’.

The sisters go to extreme lengths when Becca gets snatched from her hometown and thrown in a maximum-security prison on Death Row.

But, as terrifying as the situation is, the girls have ALWAYS got each others backs – if that’s not sisterhood, we don’t know what is!

Who knows, though, we might ALL have secret twins out there?

Take, the mystery celebs in our quiz below, for example. They all look freakishly alike – so much so that you’ll want a secret celeb twin of your own after seeing them.

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Wanna play? All you need to do is guess which pair of celebrities have made our officially-unofficial list of Hollywood “twins”.

To make things a little easier we’ve given you two clues.


How did you do? Let us know your score in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can snap up a copy of ‘Crazy House’ by James Patterson here. Heck, while you’re at it grab one for your BFF too – twinning never goes out of style.

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