17 posts that prove high school is 110% cringe

These embarrassing moments are SO relatable

Have you ever called your teacher Mum? Walked out of the school loos with toilet paper attached to your shoe? Or turned beet red when you’re forced to sit next to your secret crush in English Literature?

We, sure have.

High school is full of embarrassing moments and Noah Grimes knows that ALL to well. In, Simon James Green’s latest book ‘Noah Can’t Even’, Noah has to worm his way out of plenty of cringe-worthy moments.

It’s not exactly easy, though, especially with his Mum being in a Beyoncé tribute band. Awks!

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The truth is, we’ve all been there. Our Mum might not be belting out ‘Crazy In Love’ every chance she gets. But we’ve def’ all gone through heaps of high school situations.

They’re awful at the time (probs because you’re praying for the world to swallow you up) but once our faces have returned to their normal colour and not bright red, they’re actually pretty funny.


Wow, you can practically feel the awkward in the air.

1. Accurate

2. All of us, right now

3. Teacher crushes are so awks

4. Ugh, it’s super annoying when people do that

5. Yep…

6. Our memoir

7. Oops!

8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

9. Eeeek! We blame T-Swift, personally

10. This is hilarious

11. Um…

12. Yikes!

13. This is so spot on

14. …

15. ……


17. Which one are you?

To find out more about all the awkward high school moments that Noah has to face, pick up a copy of ‘Noah Can’t Even’ here.

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