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QUIZ: Worm your way out of these awkward situations and we’ll match you with your next read

Wow you can actually feel the awkward

It’s safe to say that teens have to deal with A LOT of awkward moments.

School is full of cringe-worthy situations and as for our parents… well, who ever thought it was a “cool” idea to introduce them to Facebook was BEYOND wrong.

Thankfully, we have heaps of YA on our hands to help us feel a little less alone, though.

Simon James Green’s latest book, ‘Noah Can’t Even’, is a hilarious new read that will make ALL your awkward moments seem waaayyyyy less awkward.

Why? Well, Noah’s Mum’s in a Beyoncé tribute band. She’s a pro at belting out ‘Single Ladies’ and, quite honestly, we’re cringing at the thought already.

Poor Noah!

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Admittedly, you probs haven’t had to deal with THAT level of cringe. But, we’re 99.9% sure you’ve had to deal with some other embarrassing moments.

Has your Dad ever left the house wearing Crocs? Have you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person? Get out of these sticky moments below and we’ll match you with your next summer read.

Want to find out more about ‘Noah Can’t Even’? Snap up your copy here.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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