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WHAT?! Are Betty and Jughead (secretly) related?! This fan theory WILL break your Bughead heart

It sorta makes sense though…

Proceed with caution, guys and gals, this fan theory will break your heart and gross you out at the same time. It also contains some MAJOR spoilers from the series finale of ‘Riverdale’.

You’ve been warned!

Now, that’s out the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

By now, you guys would have seen the last episode of ‘Riverdale’ and, strewth, what an episode it was!

The scene with Cheryl was heart breaking and we STILL can’t get over Fred’s shooting. Of course, one of the biggest OMG moments from the last episode was the revelation that Betty and Polly have a brother!


Obviously, fans have been in overdrive trying to work out who Betty’s potential brother could be.

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One main theory is that the baby isn’t Hal’s. As we already know, it was FP who saw Alice and Hal fighting at their high school prom.

Could they have been fighting because Hal found out the baby wasn’t his and it’s actually FP’s?

FP also bought the topic up at dinner, which makes us believe he knows about Betty and Polly’s secret sibling.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then wait till you hear this… we already (sorta) know Alice and FP have a past.

They’ve shared a few flirty lines in past episodes and their romantic past would explain why Alice hates Jughead sooooooo much.


It makes sense!

We want answers ASAP!

Of course, if FP is the father of Alice’s baby then it’s possible that we’ve already seen Betty’s bro in previous episodes.

Could he be a member of the Southside Serpents? Does FP know where he is?

Some fans even believe that the ‘mystery baby’ could be Jughead. Ewwwww, we know, we know, it grosses us out too.

This show is getting more and more ‘Game Of Thrones’ by the minute.


We feel ya…

No one can deal…


Say it ain’t so…



That said, we’re not too sure how Betty and Jughead could be direct siblings. Betty did say that her brother would be in his mid-20s – so that completely rules Jughead out, doesn’t it?!

The second main theory that’s floating around Twitter is that Joaquin is actually FP and Alice’s child. Very little has been said about his backstory and we’re 99.9% sure that showrunners haven’t even told us his full name yet.

Hmmmm… we think this one is way more convincing. After all, Joaquin has bright blue eyes – like the Coopers. Plus the actor behind the character, Rob Raco, has even teased some things about the theory.


Whatcha reckon?



Something tells us he could be…

Why, Rob? Why?!

How will this affect Bughead, though?!

Who do you think Betty’s older brother is? Let us know in the comments below.

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