21 ‘Riverdale’ makeup tutorials that are almost as *fire emoji* as Cheryl Blossom’s hair

Betty, Veronica and Cheryl sure know how to rock a trend or two!

There’s only 1 more episode of ‘Riverdale’ left and we’d like to say a mahooosive thank you to the cast.

Why? Well, not only have they graced our screens every week with jaw-dropping episodes that have literally had us on the edge of our seats, but they’ve also given us plenty of style inspiration over the past few months.

Soz, Jughead, we won’t be wearing a crown beanie anytime soon. But Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and Josie sure know how to rock a trend or two.

From Ronnie’s perfect winged eyeliner to Cheryl’s bright red lips, we plan on copying their makeup ASAP and it looks like we’re not the only ones, either.

With the actresses behind the characters ALSO leaving us OMG-ing in every way possible, it’s only natural that you lovely lot started creating beauty tutorials based on their looks.

There are some great ones on YouTube, at the minute. So much so, that we HAD to show you a few of our faves.

Getcha eyeshadow palettes, at the ready. Without further ado, here are 21 ‘Riverdale’ makeup tutorials that are just as (if not more!) *fire emoji* than Cheryl Blossom’s hair.

We ALL love redheads! But can you tell the difference between Ron Weasley’s and Archie Andrews’ hair?

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1. OMG!

2. Actual *fire*

3. This one’s INCREDIBLE!

4. WOAH! We had to do a double take

5. Such skill!

6. Amazing

7. Everyone is obsessed with Cheryl

8. Eeek… this one’s STUNNING!

9. So cute

10. Love it!

11. Pure sass

12. Perfect

13. This one’s super pretty

14. Another fabulous Betty tutorial

15. Yaaassssss! A Josie one – FINALLY!

16. Is there anything hotter than a Blossom?


18. The hawtness continues

19. Riverdale fans are the BEST

20. We love both of these!

21. Those pearls!

Let us know your favourite tutorial in the comments below. 

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