22 pieces of Riverdale merch that die-hard Jughead lovers need in their life

Getcha debit cards at the ready!

It goes without saying that we’re ALL pretty big GINORMOUS Riverdale fans here at MP! It’s one of our fave shows and we stop everything we’re doing, as soon as a new episode drops on Netflix.

Who can blame us, really? Alongside 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale is probs one of the best shows on Netflix at the moment.

Plus, Archie Andrews *swoons* well Kevin sums up exactly how we feel about him…

Naturally, we’re dying to know who the heck killed Jason Blossom. Personally our money’s on Hiram Lodge a.k.a Veronica’s Dad. Not sure about you, but the fact he had some serious rivalry with the Blossoms isn’t adding up, right now.

Either way, we’ll soon find out the answers. There’s only a few more episodes left of this season of Riverdale and producers have promised that Jason’s killer will be revealed at the end of series.


But, just because season 1 of Riverdale is coming to an end, doesn’t mean our love for it has to fade. We’ve rounded up a whole load of Riverdale merch that die hard fans NEED in their lives.

Seriously guys, it’s ALL pretty great. From Pop’s tees to DIY Jughead hats you’ll be obsessed with it and it’ll get you super hyped up for season 2 of Riverdale – which is due to drop sometime next year.

So, getcha debit cards at the ready, guys and gals! It’s shopping time.

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1. We love these Riverdale pins

2. This Jughead and Archie BFF necklace is too cute

3. Everyone NEEDS a Jughead beanie

4. We’re obsessed with this Pop’s Diner tee


6. This tee sums up our lives right now

7. Awwww it’s the whole gang! This tee is great

8. Decorate your phone in this case

9. This tee’s another MUST for all Jughead fans

10. Make your school books like 100000% cooler with these Veronica stickers

11. A Cole Sprouse pillow? YES PLEASE

12. Ooooh a dark Betty shirt!

13. This tee is ADORABLE

14. More Jughead merch

15. And, even more

16. Okay, we admit it, we’re obsessed!

17. Cute room decor

18. ALL the stickers

19. These custom Pop figures are insane

20. A shirt for all Archie fans

21. Books + Riverdale = The ultimate combo


What’s your favourite piece of merch? Let us know in the comments below.

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