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This actor is leaving ‘Riverdale’ and it could mean INCREDIBLE news for ’13 Reasons Why’ fans

We CAN’T believe it!

Hold onto your hats, guys and gals. We’ve got some news that will quite literally blow you away. Why? Well, one of our fave actors is LEAVING ‘Riverdale’!

Whaaattttttt?! We know, we’re shocked too.

But don’t get yourself into a tizzy just yet.

Cole Sprouse a.k.a Jughead Jones will be returning to the show for a second season. So will KJ Apa, who plays Archie Andrews.

It’s Ross Butler, who plays Reggie on the show, that’s bidding farewell to the teen drama. QUICK! Someone, pass us the tissues.

It won’t be the end of Reggie all together, though. Showrunners have confirmed that they’re currently recasting for the role and a brand new actor will be taking on the character for the show’s second season.

The creator of Riverdale, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, recently spoke to TVLine about the recast. He said:

“We love what Ross did with the role of Reggie, but because of his commitments to other projects, we couldn’t use him nearly as much as we would have liked. [Next season], we want more Reggie on our show — he’s Archie’s rival! — and because Ross is unavailable to come back to Riverdale, we’re looking for a new Reggie. Those are big shoes to fill, but we’re confident we can find an actor who is as funny and sexy as Ross. And of course we all wish Ross the best.”

Of course, a lot of fans are speculating that these “commitments to other projects” could potentially mean that Ross will be busy shooting a second season of ’13 Reasons Why’.

The actor plays Zach Dempsey on the Netflix show and it’s safe to say that if ’13 Reasons Why’ did get the green light for a second season, his character would have a prominent role in it.

Eeeeek! How exciting.

QUIZ: Who said it – Justin from ’13 Reasons Why’ or Jughead from ‘Riverdale’?

It’s a Hannastravaganza! Is this a quote from ‘PLL’ Hanna or ’13 Reasons Why’ Hannah?

QUIZ: Are these quotes from Riverdale or 13 Reasons Why?

Naturally, you lot have been tweeting about the news.

All you die-hard ‘Riverdale’ fans are heartbroken over Ross’ departure and who can blame you?! After all, he was incredible as Reggie and openly spoke out about how he was challenging stereotypes by playing an Asian jock.


Everyone’s so upset.

We really can’t deal.

Us, too!

Ugh, he really was!

On the flip side, obviously ’13 Reasons Why’ fans are super excited about the news. To them this is basically PROOF that there’s going to be a second season of the show. Whatcha reckon? Could it be possible?

All the emotions are happening.


Salty… but hilarious.

We feel ya!

Do you think Ross’ departure from ‘Riverdale’ means that ’13 Reasons Why’ will be getting a second season? Let us know in the comments below. 

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