21 times Emma Watson was the ULTIMATE Queen of this Muggle planet

Bow down, Watsonites

Are you even a little bit surprised that Emma Watson is so totally awesome she’s been bestowed with one of the highest of all honours this week?

Yep, even better than graduating from Hogwarts, our very own Hermione has been crowned Woman of the Year 2017 at the Elle Style Awards, and we are SO proud.

Given all the charity work and activism Emma gets up to in her spare time, her insane CV and an amazing attitude towards feminism, it’s hardly surprising that Elle decided she was deserving of such a title.

But what exactly makes her the #1 lady on the planet, though? Uhh hello!? PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.

Just in case you need convincing why she totally deserved this award, here’s every reason to prove Emma Watson is the ULTIMATE Queen.

1. She kicked ass during her Elle Style Awards acceptance speech

This is not a year we will allow yourself to be silent. This is the year that women’s voices are heard.

2. She continued the good fight for equality at this year’s Women’s Marches

The DA will never die! Feminist Potterheads took the Women’s Marches by storm

3. She launched the #HeForShe campaign to roaring success

4. And literally everyone got involved:

From fellow co-star Matthew Lewis…

To international movie stars like Tom Hiddleston…

And more.

5. She’s an actual Princess

Emma Watson just shocked the world with her vocals in the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer

Emma Watson just starred in the strangest teaser for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and tbh we’re sold

6. She completed her university degree WHILST filming

7. She’s got the voice of an angel

8. And handles sexist trolls with the ultimate grace and class

9. She wore a completely sustainable dress to the Met Gala

Just to make one hella awesome statement about the environment.

10. This

11. She’s an amazing role model for the next generation

12. True

13. She takes politics to the next level

A privilege to talk to Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau today about gender equality and the importance of bringing young people into politics #Goal5 #HeForShe @oneyoungworld Suit is by @maiyet who are committed to forging partnerships with artisans globally and has entered into a strategic partnership with @buildanest, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to training and developing artisan businesses to promote entrepreneurship, prosperity and dignity in places that need it most. The jewellery is a selection of @catbirdnyc, whose pieces are handmade in Brooklyn using fair-trade and recycled gold, while all of their stones are conflict free, and @moniquepean #ecoloves fashion information, in association with @EcoAge

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14. And never has a moment’s rest

I had the most amazing day in Malawi today. Thank you President Mutharika for being a #HeForShe Impact Champion and for making gender equality a priority in your Government! Thank you to all the traditional leaders who are implementing President Mutharika’s policies – especially Chief Kachindamoto (she’s in the photo with me, she’s formidable and has been nicknamed “The Terminator”!). She gave me such a warm welcome today. She has implemented the annulment of so many child marriages and restored the futures of these girls. With the help and collaboration of her local chiefs, mothers’ groups and religious leaders she has managed to annul almost 1500 child marriages, sending the girls back to school. President Mutharika has committed to make child marriage a thing of the past in Malawi within the next five years. It was amazing to be on the ground with @UNWomen and Chief Kachindamoto to witness their work! My @tomenyc white shirt is made from organic cotton and is part of their ‘White Shirt Project’ campaign. The project was conceived in 2014 to raise funds and awareness for the Freedom for All charity, which is fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery. The silk skirt is by @zady. Zady partnered with @cocccon_prakesh, founded in 2012 by Chandra Prakash Jha, a fashion designer who wanted to help his community through fairer wages and a safer, more sustainable process. Instead of using toxic pesticides on the plants that the silkworm caterpillars eat, the farmers protect the trees by covering them with mosquito nets to protect the leaves from harmful birds and insects. Then the silk is brought to New York where expert sewers in New York’s famed Garment District create each piece. Sandals by @nisoloshoes. The sandals were made by a team of expert shoemakers in Trujillo, Peru in a factory owned and operated by Nisolo that celebrates fair trade wages, safe working conditions, healthcare for all employees, and financial literacy & wellness training. All fashion info verified by @ecoage

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She never stops working.

15. She says the most empowering things

16. And is humble and thankful for what she’s been given in life every single day

18. Seriously, she just can’t stop giving

19. She’s a versatile, talented actress

You’d never believe these sexy dance moves came from the same girl who was casting spells on our screens age 10.

20. She’s just the cutest person ever TBH

21. ‘Buff said

Do you think Emma deserves the Woman of the Year award? If you think no – who did? Let us know in the comments!

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