Is Emma Watson the stellar feminist we thought she was?

When she’s not busy waving a wand around at Harry Potter events, Emma Watson is getting down to the nitty gritty on the political front, campaigning for women’s rights and equality like the kickass lady she is. Question is: is she doing as much good in the world as we thought she was?

TBH for starters we’re sick and tired of people having a go at Emma for speaking up about equality. No matter your thoughts on her as a person or the issues she stands behind, comments like the ones that’ve appeared in The Sun lately are despicable.


There are *so* many problems with these comments about Emma Watson, and Matty Healy agrees

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11 moments we all wished we were Emma Watson

What’s really odd though is that in spite of all the work she’s put in to the #HeForShe campaign, amongst various other things, is that certain people still have a bit of an issue with it all.

Recently The Tab posted this article labelling Emma Watson’s strive for equality as “twee, faux-feminism” – but we’re not sure if we quite agree. Should people be calling her out for not doing enough or is all feminism good feminism?

In what’s been deemed a “twee PR stunt”, Emma was recently spotted dishing out copies of Maya Angelou’s book on the underground and The Tab had a few thoughts on it:

“But like, what is this actually achieving for anyone? Why is it praised so heavily when all it’s indicative of is the most lightweight brand of feminism that’s yet to exist?”

We must admit, it is all a bit tame. We’re 100% here for badass feminist fiction but dropping off a few free books to some lucky commuters isn’t about to revolutionise the world, is it.

Is that beside the point though? Let us know what you think in the comments. After all, all movements start somewhere, and educating people is incredibly important if we want to strive towards equality.

Surely part of being a feminist is that we’re against women bashing women, too? After the Lindsay Lohan vs Ariana Grande showdown we kind of wish ladies would just stand up for each other and show support. Can it really be such a bad thing, even if Emma’s “brand of feminism” is a bit lighter than some?

After all, mediocre action is better than no action at all.

For many, Emma Watson’s “twee” feminism is a good gateway into the intimidating world of being a feminist. For a movement believed by many to be full of vicious man-haters we can understand why some people have negative views of it at first. Fortunately for the world, stars like Emma and Taylor Swift are providing a lighthearted, non-scary helping hand in – so hats off to them.

Emma might not have been politically vocal on social media when it comes to the recent US election and some people might have an issue with that but, as far as we can see, it’s no big deal

Could she be doing more when it comes to her activism? Yes, definitely. But couldn’t we ALL? Every single one of us has a duty to fulfil when it comes to being political activists and we’d all be lying if we said we couldn’t do just a little bit more.

What do you think? Let us know down in the comments where you stand.

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