There are *so* many problems with these comments about Emma Watson, and Matty Healy agrees

Emma Watson is no stranger to standing up for what she believes in and waving the flag for equality for EVERYONE. If she’s not putting her heart and soul into the HeForShe campaign, she’s taking to the UN as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Em’s on a mission to change perceptions and make feminism a gender inclusive movement, and we think that’s pretty epic.

One person who doesn’t seem to share our sentiments, though, is ‘The Sun’s’ Rod Liddle.

This prolific ‘journalist’ (we use that phrase lightly, and soon you’ll understand why),  has come under fire lately, after he wrote a less than complimentary downright OFFENSIVE column about Emma’s latest UN speech – in which she addressed important issues like gender inequality and sexual assault.

In said offending article, Liddle wrote the following:


If you want to bang your head against a brick wall multiple times, we feel you.

As you *may* have noticed, there are SO many things wrong with this whole thing, we’re not entirely sure where to start.

Firstly, Liddle, her name is EMMA WATSON, not Hermione Grainger. This might surprise you given that you seem to live in your own messed up bubble, but movie characters are not real.

And anyway, what does Emma’s professional history have to do with her ability to speak about gender inequality and sexual assault? The last time we checked, Emma, an educated woman, was far more qualified on the topic of women’s rights than a middle-aged bigoted man, so we’re not quite sure why he seems to think otherwise.

If Liddle were a proper journalist, he’d have the technical abilities do a quick internet search, where he’d find that ‘Harry Potter’ is only a very small part of Emma’s resume (SHOCK HORROR).  The last ‘Harry Potter’ film was also released in 2011, not to mention the fact that nobody ever turned anybody else into a frog in the books OR films. So not only is your knowledge out of date, Liddle, but it’s also false.  Awkward.

And then there’s Liddle’s labelling of feminism as ‘whining, leftie, PC crap’.  When you’re a stuffy middle-aged misogynist, apparently, there are far more important issues for us to be focusing on than sexual assault.

Never mind the fact that ‘approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales alone every year’.  Never mind the fact that ‘1 in 5 women aged 16 – 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16’. Never mind the fact that ‘nearly half a million adults are sexually assaulted in England and Wales each year.’  That’s all just ‘whiney crap’, apparently. It’s not like we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people’s lives being ruined every single year. These aren’t real issues, are they? Let’s go back to talking about the rules of Quidditch – a real, important isssue.

Finally, can we not label intelligent, successful women as ‘luvvie slebs’, please. We’re not entirely sure where Liddle’s got his ‘facts’ from, but these women he’s slating definitely know more than ‘nowt’.

Emma has an English Literature degree, and Angelina Jolie is a professor at the London School of Economics. Not that education has any bearing on someone’s intelligence, but it’s safe to say that both Emma and Angelina are more than qualified to be educating others about important issues.

What’s certain is that they’re more deserving of people’s attention than someone who makes a living out of spreading hate-filled opinions, anyway.

To be fair, given Liddle’s ‘journalistic’ history, we’re not entirely surprised. This is, after all,  coming from the guy who called Black Lives Matter UK ‘blockheads ‘, and claimed that gay sex is ‘unnatural and perverse’.

In the 21st century, how can anyone have opinions like these? This guy is in a position where he can help the British public to learn about important issues, yet he’s abusing his power in a Trump-esque way to get his name in lights. If you ask us, that’s really sad.

And while what he has said is an absolute DISGRACE, what’s even more disgusting, is the fact that he’s not yet been fired for his comments. If you ask us, saying that gay sex is ‘unnatural’ is about as close to homophobia as it gets. Add this to his sexist remarks, and you have to wonder why on earth this bigot is still in a job.

If any of us were to come out with an anti-feminist, anti-gay sex or anti-black lives matter slur in the middle of work, college or school, do you think that we’d be COMMENDED for it? No, no we would not. We’d be fired, suspended or excluded, and rightly so, too.

As expected, the internet has NOT reacted well to Liddle’s idiotic comments, and the world completely has Emma’s back:

But it’s not just the people of Twitter who have been having their say. The 1975’s Matty Healy has also condemnedThe Sun, saying:

YES MATTY. *claps*

While Liddle’s article is up there with some of the most distasteful things we’ve ever read, it’s great to see people backing Emma’s cause with such force. Hopefully, this will help to give Emma’s speech the publicity it deserves, and raise the importance of issues like sexual assault and gender inequality.

If you’re reading this, people of ‘The Sun’, please think more carefully before approving copy like this in the future. We get that it’s great for publicity (but then again, hate always is), but surely ensuring that you’re spreading a positive message of gender-inclusivity is more important than getting your name splashed across the web.

Liddle, along with the rest of the bigots who have built a career at the expense of others (Katie Hopkins springs to mind), is probably getting a real kick out of all the publicity he’s getting right now. And we reckon that was probably the sole aim of the article.

But, unfortunately for ‘Journalists’ like Liddle, this kind of attitude has a sell-by-date, and their time is running out. There’s only so many individuals who will be won over by hatred, and, fortunately, those groups of people are depleting.

We are from generations which don’t tolerate hatred. We don’t tolerate sexism, homophobia or racism. We want an all-inclusive society, where there is no room for misogynists and bigots like Liddle.

Activists like Emma Watson are integral to achieving this, so let’s all get behind her, and stick two fingers up to those who think it’s okay to teach otherwise.

What do you think of Liddle’s comments? Do you think he should be fired? Let us know by commenting below!


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