18 times Tumblr proved it has ZERO CHILL when it comes to Dan and Phil


Don’t mess with these Phans. They will chew you up and spit you out. And we totally get it: Dan + Phil = SQWEE!

However, there is a natural kind of energy that ebbs and flows like a glorious tide of Phandom (and yes we’re sure as heck going to be using that pun until it’s rinsed dry because it’s 100% appropriate to do so and because we just love us some Phan, ok?)

And right now? That Phan energy is OFF THE CHARTS crazy for one very good reason…

Unless you live yourself under a rock without WiFi then you’ll know that Phil celebrated an important birthday recently, and it we were watching our Twitter feeds like a hawk because some super kawaii shit was about to drop and we were NOT going to miss it.

That’s where Tumblr knocks on the door of every fandom everywhere and says “fancy taking this up a notch?” Uhh. YES!

1. The fangirl flux was caused by one simple tweet:

And Tumblr lost it’s ability to function. Phan special powers activate!

2. There was one person willing to pause long enough to ask one important question…

But we’ll tell you why the fandom is like this… BECAUSE IT’S BUILT ON LOVE AND HOPES AND BEAUTIFULLY SMUTTY FANFICS.

3. And then the fun could really begin!

4. Oh yeah. And this happened.

5. Some people just needed more info, you know?

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6. Whereas others were just happy to see the outpouring of love.

7. Some predictions were proved wrong…

Silver linings, eh?

8. And then there were those that just had they’re theories reaffirmed.

9. Which leads us nicely on to this awkward moment…

10. But mostly it was this.

And who can argue with that logic?

11. Plus this person that was willing to go that extra mile…

12. …and the friendly Tumblr surfer that was willing to give them some sound advice:

13. Questions keep being asked.

But we need answers, dammit!

14. And people are calling it.

15. Not everyone was convinced it was all sunshine and potential puppies though:

What? How! Where?

16. Because of this:

17. And basically:

18. But some of us still believe…

No, no it’s not. We feel you.

Are you a Phan fan? Share your best Dan and Phil moment in the comments below!

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