13 perfect thoughts Camila Cabello had about food which make us hangry AF

She is the chicken nugget of eyes

ICYMI Camila Cabello might have a teeny little case of the munchies.

And by teeny we mean absolutely, bloody MASSIVE of course.

Queen Mila is very open about her diagnosed obsession with delicious, scrumptious food like pizza, ice cream, chicken nuggets – basically all the good stuff.

But what you didn’t realise is that she also packs in a lot of phood philosophy around her eating habits as well. In fact, we could all learn a few valuable life lessons from Camila when it comes to stuffing our faces. We count thirteen so far, but feel free to shoot us some more using the comments.

1. Bananas can be clothes too

So let’s start with the basics. It’s common knowledge that Camila is a fan of the banana. In fact, it’s become such a big thing that people are now making videos of her obsession with the fruit. Skip to around the 4:40 mark in this one for Camila’s unforgettable banana rap. It’s something else.

But what we will never forget is the sight of her wearing that banana hat… “BECAUSE SHE’S A SERIOUS ARTIST, OK”

2. All foods can be combined to make one big superfood

We can’t see it if we’re honest, but if you think the combo goes then by all means tweet us videos of you *enjoying* spag ban @maximumpop.

But chicken and waffles, now that we’d go mad for.

3. Chinese food in the bath is the one

*Hazard warning* there is a chance that sweet and sour sauce will get mixed in with the bubbles. If this happens, just roll with it. Remember, it’s all part of the best experience of your life.

Quiz: Who said it – The Queen or Queen Camila?

Little Mix just had their say on Camila leaving Fifth Harmony!

4. There’s a loophole in every clause

And we’re so glad Camila found this one. GIVE US ALL THE DAMN CANDY!

5. The world’s problems can all be solved by chicken nuggets

When she gifted us this perfect one-liner we just knew that it was true love.

If only Donald Trump had chicken nuggets.

If only Theresa May had chicken nuggets

If only… well you get the picture.

6. But actually Mila’s not done teaching us about chicken nuggets yet…

They go with any occasion. They are life.

7. If in doubt, celebrate with Tacos!

The more the better!

8. Pizza has powers of mind control

.. And we’re powerless to stop it.

9. But why would we even want to stop it when it’s sooooo much better than boys

And people, and EVERYTHING!

10. Pizza is also by far the best food to pose with.

Case and point, see below.


Because no-one likes a vegetable. Sorry guys…

12. Food comas are the real struggle in life

It’s endemic.

"Food coma" – Camila's Snapchat Story (November 25th). #camilacabello #fifthharmony

A post shared by Camila Cabello Snapchat (@camilasnap) on


We live for a cheeky Nandos.

In fact, we’re off for one now. Fancy joining? Camila you’re welcome as well.

Do you agree with Camila’s phood philosophy and do you have any ideas to share? Get commenting.

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