Dear Simon Cowell, you really need to learn Camila Cabello’s name right now or else…

It’s not even funny anymore

Simon Cowell clearly hasn’t seen ‘Harry Potter‘ because if he had he’d know all about the importance of pronunciation.

When we watched this vid of Camila Cabello having a good ol’ chat with the Capital FM team on her recent UK visit we legit spat out our tea.

You’d think ‘X Factor’ extraordinaire Simon Cowell would have a good grasp on his talent’s names but LOL, as it turns out, he has no idea how to say Camila.

We’re trying to find the humour in this situation just like she does and laugh it off but TBH we think it’s more than a little disrespectful. Getting someone’s name right is one of the basic first levels of respect and if Camila can’t even get that from him what can she get?!

It must be a big ol’ letdown.

How would Simon feel if she’d been calling him Simone for the past 5 years? Not very happy, we reckon.

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The misunderstanding came about innocently enough, since Mila’s pronunciation isn’t very common over this side of the pond, but Simon’s complete lack of ability to correct himself after all this time is just plain rude.

“A lot of people – a lot of British people they used to call me, well they still call me Camilla. You guys say Camilla for some reason. When I first met Simon, like, five years ago that’s what he called me and I was too shy to say anything and to this day he still calls me Camilla and now it’s like we’ve known each other for so long that I actually look stupid if I correct him now!”

Camila’s in an amazing place right now launching her solo career away from the 5H gals and we think she deserves every ouch of respect she can get too boost her to the top. From fans, from the industry, and most importantly from the people who have stood by her side for the past few years and coached her through life.

So, Simon, please stop making an idiot of yourself and learn how to say Camila’s name.

You know you love us xoxo Camilizers.

Do you think this naming issue is a massive disrespect to Mila or is everyone making a big deal over nothing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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