Little Mix just had their say on Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony and we’re so proud

Girls have got to stick together

At Maximum Pop! we love hearing Little Mix’s opinions on everything from politics to Gregg’s pasties. And, tbh, if you think that public figures should stay silent on important issues then you’re damn well in the wrong place.

When Camila decided to leave Fifth Harmony we really didn’t see it coming and our hearts couldn’t cope. To us, they were a strong force of five who stood united under the banner of girl power anthems like ‘That’s My Girl’. As Lauren Jauregui recently explained, Fifth Harmony isn’t just a girlband, it’s a feminist movement.

“I feel like a lot of women hang on to our message, and it empowers them”

Unfortunately line-up changes are something girlbands and boybands seem to have to deal with on a regular basis (we’re still crying about Zayn leaving 1D tbh). However, one group who seems to be immune to this curse is none other than they adorably fierce queens that are Little Mix, whose latest single ‘Touch’ is our current jam of life.

The media may have created a healthy rivalry between Fifth Harmony and Little Mix but in reality the groups get along like a fierce old house on fire.

When Fifth Harmony were asked a few months ago what they thought of Little Mix’s ‘X Factor’ performance they had nothing but lovely words to say:

“Oh it was fabulous! They sounded fabulous, they were fabulous, they are fabulous!”

Read the full interview here

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And it looks like the feeling is entirely mutual. In a recent interview Little Mix were asked their opinion on Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony, with the interviewer referring to it as “pulling a Zayn’.

Jade commented that she had never heard the phrase before and added this:

“Shocked! We really love Fifth Harmony. They’re a great group, and they still will be. They’re four incredible performers.”

Jesy then said:

“In life you just have to do what makes you happy. If she wasn’t happy, she wasn’t happy. I mean, they’ll continue without her and they’re amazing.”

They then all agreed that 5H’s comeback performance without Camila at the People’s Choice Awards was completely amazing. We’re so proud of Little Mix for continuing to support Lauren, Dinah-Jane, Ally and Normani because we’re sure they will slay as a foursome.

Little Mix were also asked whether they would ever take a break or go solo, which Jade completely shut down like a boss:

“I find it terrifying the thought of not being with these girls.”

YAAAS! They were meant to be together and we’re so glad they are.

Do you think Little Mix will ever split? Do you agree with what they had to say about Camila leaving 5H? Get on those comments and make your voice heard.

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