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Mixers are going WILD for this Little Mix app and we can guarantee you’ve never heard of it

If you don’t have it, do you even mix though?

In case you’d missed it (we 1000% reckon you have), Mixers are going absolutely WILD for this brand new app, and you’re going to be more excited than Jade with a Greggs bake when you hear about it.

The app, which is called Mixer Messages (LOL), is THE go-to place for all of the latest Little Mix gossip, trivia, quizzes and general chit-chat.

Not only will Mixer Messages send you all of your favourite Little Mix videos, photos and memes, but it’ll also chat to you – just like (black) magic.

We’re not entirely sure how it does it, but we think there might be a workshop full of mini Little Mix elves somewhere. Or something along those lines, anyway.

However, there’s only one catch to the app. If you want to join it, you have to be a seriously dedicated Mixer. As in, the type of Mixer who would go to the end of the earth for the girls. Yeah, you got it.

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So, think you’re up to the challenge? Go and download Mixer Messages by clicking this link. Once you’re there – you just need to start talking to it. Oh, and you should probably tell your friends about it, too. Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne wouldn’t want anyone missing out on this bad boy – TRUST US. 

Not sure if you’re Mixer enough? Take the test below to find out exactly what % Little Mix you are. If you get any less than 100%, it’s probably time to brush up on your LM knowledge.

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