How body confident stars like Zoella and Lauren Jauregui have taught us to love ourselves

We firmly believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. And even though we might not feel like it sometimes, these body confident chicks are encouraging us all to love and accept ourselves for exactly who we are.

This is why we love you, sistas.


YouTube goddess Zoella wrote a blog post a while back documenting her body acceptance journey, and how she overcame her confidence issues after she was called  too ‘skinny’ by friends, doctors and even strangers:

“Everybody is different, and nobody is perfect. It would be a very boring place if this wasn’t the case.”



And she’s not alone. Stars like Lauren Jauregui and Ellie Goulding have also spoken out against ‘slut-shaming’ in the past, and are doing all they can to positively encourage girls to dress, act, and live their lives however they choose.

In an interview last year, Selena Gomez opened up about her own confidence issues, and how she overcame the body-shaming she faced from the press. Our gal Demi Lovato has always been an advocate for self-love, and Ariana Grande has always stood up for women’s rights and taught us to respect our bodies. YASS QUEENS.


So there you have it ladies! With angels like this to look up to, it’s gonna be pretty hard not to wake up in the morning and feel like Beyoncé. *flips hair*

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