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Zoella is REFUSING to go on the internet and people don’t know what to do anymore

Who NOSE why?

Calm yo tits. The apocalypse hath not arrived. But it IS pretty weird living in a world without Zoella and a load of our other fave YouTubers. What is happening exactly? Well, even though it’s terrifying and we’re kinda wondering how else we’ll be procrastinating today… It is for a good cause.

The #RedOut is here and it’s raising awareness for the injustice and the unfair treatment millions of young people face across the world. Zoella has jumped on board this Red Nose Day initiative along with fellow YouTubers and they’re going OFFLINE for a whole 24hours.

What a difference a day makes. Literally. 24 little hours. And it’s trending. That means its working. Some people are angry, and are even trolling those taking part, including Zoella. Funny thing is… She won’t see it… Because she’s not online. Lol. Fail.

The point is just to raise awareness. To get people talking. It’s like a vanguard campaign before the big push on the actual day.

And there are other options for your viewing pleasure:

Because there’s nothing quite like revisiting some old faves!

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Is Zoella being added to the school curriculum?

As long as it is only 24hours. We’re not sure we could go any longer…

Exactly this:

And before you wonder why some of your other faves aren’t getting involved, it’s got nothing to do with being unsupportive of the cause:

It is making people notice:


But we do have withdrawal already…

Could you actually imagine if this was it, though? Like, the end of all our YouTube fandoms. Done. Gone. Goodbye.


What would you do if #RedOut was actually YouTube #WipeOut? Who would you miss the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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